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Staying classy

I flew down to San Diaaago (German for some part of a whale) on Tuesday to hang out with Stephen Strasburg — didn’t happen — and boy are my arms tired! Rim shot! I’ll be here all week! Or maybe every other day …

Anyway, I didn’t get to even see Big Steve or even Big Scott in person, but I did get to hear my buddy Jeff Fletcher of AOL get reprimanded by Boras on the conference call as I overlooked the Pacific in Solana Beach, which, by the way, is the home of one of my favorite live music venues (www.bellyup.com). That made me chuckle (I was on mute). Nice one, Fletch.

So what’s my point? Well, other than the fact that I’m giddy from quick travel (I drove up and down the Southern California coast so I could hit the San Diego Strasburg scene — or lack thereof — and the goings-on in Chavez Ravine at a little place called Dodger Stadium. I also saw the Lemonheads at a place called Spaceland in Silver Lake and walked out after four songs because lead singer Evan Dando could barely stand up and sounded like he was doing really bad, really drunk Lemonheads karaoke.

So again, what’s my point, other than the fact that I’m sleep-deprived and I’ve written over 3,500 words about Stephen Strasburg in the last 24 hours without seeing or talking to him?

No point, I guess, other than to say it was fun. I got to talk to San Diego State coach and baseball legend Tony Gwynn, who was great, and met three of Strasburg’s Aztec teammates, who were very excited for their boy.

I have pictures that I’ll post when I figure out how to shrink them from their present all-consuming size.


And now on to today’s top five.

1. The Grateful Dead channel on Sirius.  

2. The recently remembered fact that we’ve only gone through a season and a half of “Arrested Development.” 

3. “Spring Provides” by matt pond PA.

4. Zippy’s Giant Burgers in West Seattle. 

5. “Every time the snow drifts, every way the sand shifts, even when the night lifts, she’s always there.” –Patty Griffin


More music and possibly baseball information coming soon live from Bonnaroo in beautiful Manchester, Tennessee …